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The Skinny Gut Diet – Book Review

Louise Hendon | October 7
The Skinny Gut Diet

Book Title:

The Skinny Gut Diet
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Book Author(s):

Brenda Watson, C.N.C.
Leonard Smith, MD.
Jamey Jones,B.Sc.

Overview of Book:

The Skinny Gut Diet provides a comprehensive overview of what many people, and professionals, are beginning to talk about, or at least are hinting at – the connection between gut health and overall health, between the gut and the brain, and between gut health and weight loss. Not a diet book or a cookbook, The Skinny Gut provides basic information about our bodies, about connections to food and offers recipes geared towards better overall health and weight loss. Together these are the picture of a complete guide to changing the way you live and eat.

Who This Book is For:

The Skinny Gut is a great tool for anyone who has tried other diets and not succeeded, for anyone experiencing the middle aged spread who doesn’t understand why, and for anyone who is concerned about their weight and what it means for overall health. This is also a great resource for anyone who has ever heard the terms ‘gut health,’ ‘good fats,’ ‘gluten free,’ or even probiotic and wondered what it is all about. It is also for anyone who has connected eating with not feeling well but without any clear indication of exactly what or why.

Favorite Technique:

I find many books trying to share information about recommended life changes provide way too much and complex details. I like that The Skinny Gut Diet is concise and doesn’t use language that forces me to turn to a dictionary. End of chapter summaries provide highlights of what has just been covered and can be a great quick reference tool later on. I also love the success stories scattered throughout the book. What better motivation to keep reading and to actually implement some of these changes than real life examples?

Top 3 Chapters:

My first pick for a must-read chapter is Chapter 9: The Get Lean Phase. Armed with information gained from the previous chapters about the whats and whys of it all, this is the first push to get going. The chapter provides detailed lists of foods to eat, answers some very basic, ‘what about…’ questions and lays out very clearly what the first step to getting healthy and eliminating the gut weight issue is.

After this you must read Chapter 10: Power Tools. Personally, I always appreciate being shown specifically how to implement my newfound knowledge. Hints on how to get started, what you need to remember and some basic recipes to get things moving are a great help.

And of course, it follows then that Chapter 13: Recipes to Get You Started is my next pick. The Skinny Gut Diet offers 50 pages of recipes for everything from sweets to starters to main dishes designed to guide, inspire and get you started cooking in the right direction. Sometimes being armed with information isn’t enough; you need to have a plan laid out and enough guidelines to get you going until you start to recognize patterns and change habits on your own.

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Skinny Gut Diet Book

About Heather Seftel-Kirk: Not a physician or nutritionist, Heather came to her understanding of food and health through parenting three children, now teens, who seemed not to fit the ‘norms’ of health and through questions…so many questions.

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