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Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat – Book Review

Louise Hendon | July 15
Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat – Review

Book Title:

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat Click here to purchase this book.

Book Author: Melissa Joulwan

Overview of Book:

Well Fed provides basic information about Paleo eating, helpful guidelines for stocking pantries and kitchens, shopping guidelines and basic recipes for sauces, seasonings and week-day meal planning.

Who This Book is For:

Well Fed is a comprehensive guide to Paleo for the curious, the novice, or the committed Paleo cook. Educational chapters provide basics, tips and comprehensive guidelines. The book’s recipes can be used as is but also provide inspiration and suggestions for variations. The “You Know How You Could do That’ game included with most recipes not only provides specific examples but shows how easy it is to adapt recipes to keep them interesting and add variety. This book is a great tool for the beginner looking for an easy guide to follow, or as an everyday guide for any Paleo kitchen.

Favorite Chapter:

My favorite chapter is The Weekly Cookup. The basic premise – spending some time shopping, chopping and partially preparing ingredients to turn into quick and healthy meals for any day – is especially appealing. I can easily envision making this a family activity for the weekend and am thrilled with how quick this will make meal prep on busy weekdays. The pages called Hot Plates and Cool Salads provides quick inspiration and could easily become my turn-to page when that ‘what’s for dinner’ question arises.

Top 3 Recipes:

My first recipe pick is Waldorf Tuna Salad. I love tuna and this is a simple way to make something fun and tasty for an after-school snack, light lunch or for an evening of entertaining. Anything you can prep in five minutes is a winner in my book and variations provided along with the basic recipe provide great alternative ideas. My next pick is Jicama Home Fries. I’m generally not tempted to go back to eating potatoes but every so often I feel I’m missing that crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, sometimes salty or spicy side dish you can get from home fries or roasted potatoes. The Jicama Fries provides exactly that and can be seasoned or dressed up just as you would home fries. These would be great as a breakfast add on or as a side with fish or burgers. Dessert recipes aren’t always featured as part of Paleo cookbooks so when I find them and they remind me of traditional treats, I’m intrigued. The recipe for Peach Almond Crisp is a prime example. I love the simplicity of this recipe, the variations presented and those they inspire. I love the fact that I could serve this to friends and family and satisfy their need for something sweet and my desire to keep it healthy. This is the kind of dish that inspires comfort on a cold, winter day and in summer is an ideal way to enjoy the bounty of the season.

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Click here to purchase this book

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