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With iodine levels dropping over 50% in the last 30 years and more iodine interfering compounds like bromine, fluorine and chlorine showing up more and more in our foods, finding a good source of iodine is vitally important. Thankfully, with Maine Made Sea Salt with Sea Veg from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, you’ve now got an extremely tasty way to ensure you’re getting all the iodine your body needs. In this iodized sea salt, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables combines Maine sea salt with certified organic, raw dulse and Rockweed granules, to give this sea salt a big iodine boost. And at 370mcg of iodine, each ¼ teaspoon provides 240% of the RDA for iodine!

Like their iodized sea salt, most of the sea vegetables used in Maine Coast Sea Vegetables products are wild-harvested and are regularly tested for microbes, bacteria, molds, yeast, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum residues, heavy metals, and radioactivity. Big believers in transparency, they make these test results available to customers on a regular basis.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables rounds out their seasoning offerings with Dulse Granules, Dulse with Garlic, Kelp Granules, Kelp Blend with Cayenne, and their Sea Seasoning Triple Blend Flakes (a colorful blend of red dulse, black laver, and green sea lettuce flakes). All of them provide a colorful, mineral-rich, salty way to add flavor and seasoning to your food.

Do your body a favor and grab a shaker (or two) of these for your table, your taste buds will thank you!