Paleo Apps


Paleo apps make it easy for you search for all your paleo needs while you’re on the go. Whether you’re at the grocery store, or you just want the information in the palm of your hands, these go-to apps will make your paleo lifestyle so much easier.

paleo_diet_app-1 Paleo Magazine App
Available for iOS and Android, and via Amazon download, the Paleo Magazine app offers online access to new issues, along with access to archives and special, subscriber-only resources like cookbooks and how-to guides.
paleo_diet_app-2 Primal Paleo
This app provides Paleo and Primal recipes, workout programs and comprehensive guides cataloguing availability and use for many fruits and veggies, along with opportunities to engage with the online Paleo community and find Paleo resources around the world. You can find the iOS version and Android version online.
paleo_diet_app-3 myKitchen
With more than 1,000 Paleo-friendly recipes, plus meal plans and customizable shopping lists, MyKitchen is a valuable resource created by the bloggers behind the popular Paleo site MyKitchen is available on both iOS and Android.
paleo_diet_app-4 Nom Nom Paleo
The stunning Nom Nom Paleo app showcases the unique, umami-packed recipes from Michelle Tam’s kitchen, along with nearly 2000 photos of the step-by-step processes in each recipe. If that weren’t enough, this app also has email-friendly grocery lists, shopping guides and a Whole30-friendly meal plan. The Nom Nom Paleo app is available on iOS, and is designed perfectly for iPads.
paleo_diet_app-5 Nourished
The Nourished app contains nearly 150 Paleo recipes created by the darlings of the Paleo blogosphere, plus exclusive app-only recipes from creator Michele Spring. In addition, the app has a serving-size and metric converter, interactive shopping lists and a fully searchable recipe archive. The Nourished app is available for iOS.
paleo_diet_app-6 Paleo Central
This database of more than 4,000 searchable food items offers an easy answer to the question, “Is that Paleo?” Paleo Central also provides support to newbies with its “Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet.” Paleo Central is available for iOS.
paleo_diet_app-6 Paleo Fitness
Paleo Fitness Training is an Android app that will help you to set up a conditioning program with the aim of improving, among other things, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Paleo Fitness is available for Android.