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Ashleigh is a writer and editor who divides her time between Ottawa, Canada, and New York. She’s a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and has her CrossFit Strongman and Olympic Lifting certifications. In her spare time, Ashleigh is a nationally qualified natural figure competitor and also trains in powerlifting and BJJ.

Is There Room in Our Cupboards for Old Bay and New Bae?

By | January 11th, 2019|Articles, Featured Slider, News, Uncategorized|

McCormick & Company, creator of Old Bay® seasoning, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Primal Palate for their "New Bae" blend From offering protein bars to salad dressings and everything

Cheers to Paleo(ish) Drinks and Cocktails!

By | October 22nd, 2018|Articles, Featured Slider|

Let’s be honest—are you 100 percent Paleo, all the time? Or are you mostly Paleo, with a few concessions every now and then, for those guilty pleasures you just cannot

The XPT Experience

By | January 26th, 2017|Articles|

Photos Couresy of XPT It’s not everyday you get a chance to learn about fitness, recovery, and healthy lifestyle practices from some of the best and most recognizable athletes in