Author Paleo Diet & Fitness

Best known for her books Introduction to Paleo and Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life, Rebecca is an author and blogger specialising in the Paleo lifestyle. Through her website Paleo Diet and Fitness Rebecca helps people with all things Paleo from the very basics to incorporating Paleo within a long term and healthy lifestyle. Rebecca began her career as a commercial lawyer and after 8 years working in the city decided to follow her true passion in life - food and Paleo. An enthusiastic food lover with a natural flair for cooking, a love of writing and a passion for clean living; Rebecca dedicated herself to creating a Paleo resource that would help to inspire, inform and educate followers of the Paleo lifestyle. Paleo Diet and Fitness launched in January 2015 and has grown to become an incredibly popular, valued and trusted Paleo resource with a loyal following. Rebecca regularly contributes to several leading publications and continues to write further books on the Paleo lifestyle.