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Steve Kirsch is an attorney, a drummer, and the blogger behind, which Well Fed author Melissa Joulwan calls “a brash, opinionated, well-written tornado of kickass, common-sense advice about eating Paleo and training your body. It’s punk rock at its finest, fueled by bacon and barbells.” The blog focuses on the intersection of a simplicity-is-best approach to exercise, food, and stress with the relentless pursuit of happiness.

Float. Freeze. Listen. Walk. Alternatives to Traditional Meditation

By | December 17th, 2018|Articles, Featured Slider|

Mindfulness is a word heard frequently in the world of health and fitness, and meditation is often touted as a way to achieve a mindful state. More than just a

Why, and How, to Start a Meditation Practice

By | May 7th, 2018|Articles|

A longer version of this article appeared in the April/May 2018 print issue under the title “Zen Arcade: The Why, What, and How of Starting and Keeping a Meditation Practice.”