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AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) Pantry List

Louise Hendon | March 23

It’s not easy to start the AIP (autoimmune paleo) protocol. Various foods like bread, cereal, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, eggs are all of a sudden off the list of foods you can eat, and you’re left wondering what on earth you can still eat!

So, we’ve created this handy guide to help you navigate the AIP diet and heal your body as quickly as possible.

You can also download this list as a printable PDF to stick on your fridge or to take with you when you go shopping.

Items in parentheticals are typically harder to find and not often used in most recipes. If you live somewhere where those items are easier to find and you want to give them a try, then by all means purchase them. Where applicable, items are linked so that you can purchase them on or elsewhere online.

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AIP Herbs and Spices (fresh or dried)

AIP Herbs and Spices Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Sea salt + flavored salt (e.g., garlic salt, lemon salt)
Bay leaves

AIP Oils and Fats

AIP Fats and Oils Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Coconut oil
Avocado oil
Extra-virgin olive oil
Cultured Ghee
(Sustainable palm shortening)
(Bacon fat)
(Duck Fat)

AIP Vinegars

Autoimmune Paleo Vinegars Infographic - AIP Pantry List  #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Apple cider vinegar
Balsamic vinegar

AIP Baking Flours

AIP Baking Flours Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Coconut flour
Tapioca flour
Arrowroot flour
(Cassava flour)
(Plantain flour)
(Tigernut flour)
(Sweet potato flour)
(Water chestnut flour)
(Cricket flour)
(Pumpkin flour)

If you’re looking for the AIP Food List, then click the button below to download it:

Download Our Free AIP Food List

AIP Sweeteners

AIP Sweeteners Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Raw Honey
Maple Syrup
Dried Fruits
Fresh Fruits

Other AIP Baking Goods

Other AIP Baking Goods Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Beef gelatin
Baking soda
Shredded coconut or coconut flakes
Canned coconut milk
(Carob powder)

Other AIP Pantry List Items

Other AIP Pantry List Items Autoimmune Paleo Infographic #aip #paleo #autoimmune
Fish sauce
Coconut aminos
Canned fish and seafood (packed in brine or olive oil)
Herbal tea (rooibos, mint, honeybush, chamomile)
Other teas (black, white, green)
Pumpkin puree
Dried seaweed
Lemon juice
(Sweet potato puree)
(Shirataki noodles)
(Kelp noodles)
(Chicory root “coffee”)
(Real wasabi)
(Liquid smoke)

Click To Download This Entire AIP Pantry List

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