When Mike Salguero made the switch to grass-fed beef, he always had trouble finding the kinds of cuts he wanted in his local supermarkets. Sure, there was grass-fed ground beef a-plenty, but a guy can only eat so many taco salads before he starts to crave a steak, a roast, or a rack of ribs.

Mike turned to local butchers who were selling grass-fed beef, but there he could only find opportunities to buy half or quarter cow shares. It was great meat, to be sure, but that kind of volume was hard to handle, and wasn’t always accessible.

That’s when the idea for ButcherBox came about.

Proponents of responsibly raised, sustainably sourced animal products understand that a higher price is worth a higher quality, but they also know the tips and tricks to getting the best deal. Two of those tricks include buying in bulk – like with Mike’s cow share – and buying regularly, via a subscription service. ButcherBox combines both of these services to make for a more cost-effective and efficient way to stock your freezer with superior protein.

Here’s how it works: you sign up for a ButcherBox subscription, and every month a box of approximately 7-10 pounds of grass-fed beef will arrive on your doorstep. A typical all-beef ButcherBox could have sirloin steak, short ribs, steak tips or ground beef, depending on what’s fresh on the small and mid-sized midwestern operations from which ButcherBox sources its meat. Eventually, ButcherBox plans to expand their offerings to include organic chicken and sustainably raised pork along with the grass-fed beef. Their mission is to become your one-stop shop for meat.

Mike built the infrastructure of ButcherBox with a former long-time employee of Omaha Steaks to make for an affordable and effective shipping structure. Shipping costs are included in the basic price of the monthly box, although for now residents of Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay about $20 extra to get their shipment.

Although there are plenty of ranchers, restaurateurs and stockists who are embracing local sourcing and grass-fed, pastured meat, there are still communities who get left out of the loop. Now, with ButcherBox, anyone can have access to the best that traditional farms and ranches have to offer.

ButcherBox has also partnered with top-tier chefs to include recipe cards and cooking instructions in each box. They want to make the whole process as easy as possible so that, when a ButcherBox shipment arrives, a customer will know how to store, cut, and cook the meat. ButcherBox wants the journey from farm to doorstep to table to be a seamless one.

ButcherBox launched their Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $25,000, and very quickly exceeded their goal. The campaign ends on October 8, 2015, and at the time of publication has raised $166,561 to back the project. The extra cash will allow ButcherBox to expand their reach quickly, offer the mixed protein boxes sooner than expected, and will send a message to conventional meat sources that grass-fed really is where it’s at.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign to lend your support and find more information about ButcherBox.