Vegetable Feast: Herb Pruning, Fruit Thinning, Artichokes

Frank Hyman has a degree in horticulture and design and in his youth worked as an integrated pest-management scout in Beaufort, SC. He is also the author of Hentopia: Create

Staying Sober Through Fitness

Header image: Angie Richardson and Tawnya Kristen leading class in the popular "Bring Sally Up" back squat strength piece. It’s a cloudy Saturday outside Green Mountain CrossFit in Central Vermont,

The Power of Paleo Light

Every single morning—no matter how cold or hot, no matter the hour, no matter where I am in the world—I walk out the front door, barefoot, and stand on the

5 Sane Fat-Slashing Strategies

A lot of us enter the Paleo nutrition world out of sheer necessity. Perhaps a health condition clubbed you right across the face. Maybe an autoimmune disease was leaving you crippled,

What If We Have It All Wrong About Stress?

The prevailing wisdom about mental well-being is that we live an outside-in experience of life, which typically means that our circumstances are the cause of our experience. This paradigm, so

Seven Tips to Get Paleo Fit

This article originally appeared in our book Paleo Fitness. While the benefits of physical activity have long been recognized, the modern environment tends to encourage a lifestyle of inactivity. Humans

Did a Recent Study Find That Low-Carb Diets Increase Mortality?

Low carbohydrate diets have increased in popularity, and there is good evidence to show that following them results in short-term weight loss. But there is less data available as to

4 Rules for Ancestral Fitness & Fat Loss While Living in a Modern World

This article originally appeared in our book Paleo Fitness. Last I checked, tapping away on the built-in Wi-Fi of the gym’s elliptical trainer, checking your smartphone e-mail while hunched over

What’s That Smell? Could It Be Mold?

This article was originally published in our February/March 2019 issue. We all have that friend with a “Black Mold of Death” horror story: The skin-crawling tales of walls ripped down

How High Healthcare Costs May Have Saved My Gut

Like many Americans, I believe that the United States needs some kind of medical reform. It doesn’t seem fair that healthcare, our basic foundation for life, comprises astronomical prices, subpar

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