Forging a primal body

Forging a Primal Fit Body

The mace is an ancestral tool that's perfect for stimulating targeted muscles, elongating tense tissues, and mobilizing stiff joints.

5 Sane Fat-Slashing Strategies

A lot of us enter the Paleo nutrition world out of sheer necessity. Perhaps a health condition clubbed you right across the face. Maybe an autoimmune disease was leaving you crippled,

Four Functional-Fitness Moves Your Inner Septuagenarian Wishes You Would Do

What if there were a park bench where you could sit and visit with your 70-year-old self? What a fascinating conversation you might have. You might talk at first about

Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor workouts are an ideal tool in your toolbox when working towards optimal health. They combine movement, nature, sun exposure and community.

Moderate Intensity Exercise Is The Sweet Spot

Intensity and the Flawed Paradigm Around Exercise

HIIT and work in excess of 75% VO2 max come with a host of unwanted consequences for many of its adherents. Moderate intensity exercise is the sweet spot.

Bear Crawls

Bear crawls and kick-throughs

A reduced ability to move efficiently doesn't have to come with aging. Bear crawls and kick throughs are an effective way to rediscover how to move.

Benefits of outdoor workouts

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise has many health benefits over indoor training, such as improved mood, enhanced cardiovascular health, and exposure to beneficial microbes.

Move Like Jane

Natural Movement for the Modern Day Woman

Even in our modern world, we can add more physical complexity to our environments and relearn natural movement skills, making us more efficient movers.

Reconnect To Your True Nature

Full Body Workout To Reconnect To Your True Nature

This full body workout is designed to be simple, done without the need of equipment, and help you reconnect to your true nature.