Bear Crawls

Bear crawls and kick-throughs

A reduced ability to move efficiently doesn't have to come with aging. Bear crawls and kick throughs are an effective way to rediscover how to move.

Benefits of outdoor workouts

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise has many health benefits over indoor training, such as improved mood, enhanced cardiovascular health, and exposure to beneficial microbes.

Move Like Jane

Natural Movement for the Modern Day Woman

Even in our modern world, we can add more physical complexity to our environments and relearn natural movement skills, making us more efficient movers.

Movement Accuracy

Movement Accuracy and Building Confidence

Taking your training into increasingly varied environmental settings to demand higher levels of movement accuracy is excellent at building confidence.

Reconnect To Your True Nature

Full Body Workout To Reconnect To Your True Nature

This full body workout is designed to be simple, done without the need of equipment, and help you reconnect to your true nature.

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