Raising Chickens

4 Health Benefits of Raising Chickens (And How to Do It)

The benefits of raising chickens does beyond farm fresh eggs and can also have positive effects on someone’s mood and overall mental and physical health.

5 Sane Fat-Slashing Strategies

A lot of us enter the Paleo nutrition world out of sheer necessity. Perhaps a health condition clubbed you right across the face. Maybe an autoimmune disease was leaving you crippled,

Hunter-Gatherers Don’t Get 8 Hours of Sleep a Night. Should You?

How many hours of sleep do you need every night? If you ask a hundred random people this question, chances are a lot of them will say that about 8

Four Functional-Fitness Moves Your Inner Septuagenarian Wishes You Would Do

What if there were a park bench where you could sit and visit with your 70-year-old self? What a fascinating conversation you might have. You might talk at first about

Sun exposure and vitamin D

The Truth About Sun Exposure And Vitamin D

Most of us have been raised with the notion that sun exposure is dangerous for us. But is all that avoidance really healthy?

Fight For Your Life

You Need To Fight For Your Life

You need to fight for your life. We have to focus on where we want, and need, to go and live our values for a healthy lifestyle.

Tips To Get You Paleo Fit

Seven Tips For You To Get Paleo Fit

Getting Paleo Fit means tuning in to how our bodies evolved, moving as nature intended, and training above and beyond function to meet life’s challenges.

Three Ancestral Rules for Happiness

While today’s issues may be different from those that existed millennia ago, this era is no more daunting or dark. Find happiness with these three rules.


How to Use Dandelions in Your Paleo Diet

For many people, dandelions are a nuisance. That’s a shame though, because they are richer in vital nutrients than many other "health foods."

Kids Playing - Fasting

Kids and Fasting: Playing Big, Eating Little

While kids don't need the rigorous fasting schedules that Paleo-minded adults often follow, they can still be taught about the benefits of fasting.

In Season with Paleo Magazine Swiss Chard

In Season: Chard

Chard, incredibly versatile, is most often eaten sautéed or steamed, and can also be eaten raw. It’s an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Paleo Magazine In Season with Asparagus

In Season: Asparagus

Incredibly versatile, asparagus is a nutrient dense veggie that is excellent steamed, roasted, sautéed, grilled and more!

Grilled Meat: Reduce Your Risk

Grilled Meat: Reducing Your Risk

Grilled meat produces carcinogens and toxins called heterocyclic amines. Thankfully, there are several herbs, spices and other foods to reduce them.

Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure: Key For Optimal Health

Lack of sun exposure is the root of a major global public health problem, vitamin D deficiency, and we need to recognize the healing powers of the sun.

AWG Bakery

Game-Changing Grain Free Bread From AWG Bakery

AWG Bakery's take on grain free bread is absolutely delicious, with a great crumb and chew, and produced with care from start to finish.

Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor workouts are an ideal tool in your toolbox when working towards optimal health. They combine movement, nature, sun exposure and community.