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How to Stick to Paleo Regardless of Social Circumstances

There always seems to be an excuse to sidestep healthy eating: an out-of-town guest is visiting, you’re attending a wedding, or the long-awaited weekend has finally arrived. Whatever the excuse,

Special Issue! Keto: The definitive guide

Available now! (in stores only) 110+ pages 20 keto recipes $11.99US/$13.99CAN In this special issue, we dig deep into a single important topic: the ketogenic diet. Often confused with Paleo (which

Vegetable Feast — Mulch, Chives, and Tool Supply

Frank Hyman has a BS in horticulture and design from NCSU. He was an organic farmer and an Integrated Pest Management scout in the 1980s. He co-founded two community gardens

Anti-inflammatory Golden Milk

This recipe is an excerpt from the new updated and expanded second edition of Digestive Health with Real Food, by Aglaée Jacob. Golden milk has been used since ancient times

Mobility is Freedom: The Basics of Myofascial Release

Knowing the importance of mobility, and what tools to use, is essential in achieving your fitness goals. You can strengthen muscle all you want, but without good range of motion

Pumpkin Spice Loaf Cake

(recipe by Samantha Akoubian) Paleo, vegan, and refined-sugar-free, this Pumpkin Spice Loaf Cake is a fall treat you can feel good about eating! Filled with fiber, healthy fats, and collagen,

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We know the holidays are about far, far more than giving and receiving material things. Time with loved ones, healthy, delicious food, and disconnecting from work and technology—these are the

Is Sugar Addiction Real? 5 Steps to Achieving Peace with Sugar

With the average American eating 19 teaspoons of sugar daily, and studies finding its intense sweetness eight times more addictive than cocaine, unprecedented numbers of people now identify as “sugar

What Do You Smell Like? It Depends on Your Microbiome . . .

Human body-odor formation is greatly affected by the structure and activity of human-associated microbial communities. In other words, the trillions of microorganisms that colonize your body heavily influence your body’s

Anti-Inflammatory Ginger-Turmeric Bone Broth Protein Bites

This is a guest recipe from Ellen Jaworski (@TriplePeakWellness). Ellen is a certified health coach, wellness travel expert, and blogger empowering busy people to create balance in a chaotic world so