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American bison

American Bison and Paleo, A Story of Personal, Ecological and Cultural Health

American bison have played a critical role in not only our personal health, but also the ecological health of our grasslands for thousands of years.

Benefits of outdoor workouts

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise has many health benefits over indoor training, such as improved mood, enhanced cardiovascular health, and exposure to beneficial microbes.

Move Like Jane

Natural Movement for the Modern Day Woman

Even in our modern world, we can add more physical complexity to our environments and relearn natural movement skills, making us more efficient movers.

Paleo “Girl Scout” Cookies

A special thanks to Tammy Credicott, best-selling author of the Make Ahead Paleo and Paleo Indulgences cookbooks, for creating these two Paleo-friendly versions of two of the most popular Girl

Vitamin C

Vitamin C: A Key To Boosting Your Immune System

Vitamin C is key to maintaining a properly functioning immune system. These are our top 10 Paleo-friendly foods to help you reach optimal levels in no time!

How refined sugar hurts your health

4 Ways Refined Sugar Is Hindering Your Health

It’s time to ditch the sweet stuff. Lower your blood sugar levels to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms and help strengthen your immune system.

CBD and Longevity

CBD and Longevity

For all documented human history, we have dreamed of elixirs, plants, transforming waters—and in our modern age, drugs—that restore youth, cure diseases of aging, and confer long life, even immortality.

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