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Metabolic Efficiency Overhaul

Chances are that by now you’ve heard the metabolic efficiency rumblings. But what exactly is it? And is it as magical as it sounds? As a sports nutritionist I’ve seen the

Paleo Easter & Passover Recipe Roundup

The week of Passover and Easter weekend provide perfect opportunities to gather with friends and family. Whether to celebrate the awakening of spring or a religious holiday, uniting around a

Paleo Magazine and Costco

We are excited to announce that, beginning with our Apr/May 2014 issue, you'll be able to find Paleo Magazine in a select number of Costco Wholesale locations throughout the US!

The Evolution of Cultured Caveman

From Food Carts to Restaurant Dreams For Joe Ban and Heather Hunter, their work is a culmination of their passions. They opened the first 100% Paleo-friendly food cart on the

Gluten-Free Sugar Addict

Increasing public awareness around the negative effects of consuming gluten has given rise to a billion dollar industry. Whether a result of our own education, or simply good marketing, in

Fit To Inspire

Tucked into a corner of Da Vinci Innovation Academy’s campus in Hawthorne, California, is a CrossFit box overflowing with gumption and expertise. It’s outfitted with all the necessities. In front is

Review: Pure Indian Foods

Pure Indian Foods has been making organic, grass-fed ghee for over 120 years and it shows. For five generations, the company has been producing their delicious and nutritious ghee fresh in

Introducing the Paleo Autoimmune Bloggers

More and more people are turning to Paleo to address their autoimmune condition, but the Paleo world is large, and it can be hard to find the blogs that focus

Paleo: The Dental Diet? Part III

In this post, Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics gives you more information on how you can take great care of your pearly whites while avoiding modern products and their

Learning to Crawl

By Colin Pistell from Fifth Ape One of my mother’s favorite stories is “How Colin Learned to Crawl.”  I started to roll earlier than most babies and I got very

Inspiration and finding Paleo with Kim Ludeman

Inspiration – Finding Paleo with Kim Ludeman

Kim’s story of inspiration was originally featured in the June/July 2012 issue of Paleo Magazine. After finding Crossfit and the Paleo diet, inspiration struck and Kim ditched the grains and legumes

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