PMR #274: Mark Sisson’s 11 Lessons for Aging Well

This episode is dedicated to Mark Sisson's recent article in the June/July 2019 issue of Paleo Magazine titled "11 Lessons I've Learned About Aging Well." We're going to take a deeper

PMR #273: Keto 101

This quick episode is focused on the Keto 101 feature we recently ran for an issue of Paleo Magazine, and it's aimed at giving you the basic, foundational information

PMR #272: Aim for Good Choices Over Perfection with Paleo Pro Co-Founder Doug Smith

In this episode we welcome Doug Smith, one of the co-founders of Paleo Pro. Doug is here to share his story and tell us all about his journey in

PMR #271: What is Light Therapy and How Does It Work? A Conversation with Joovv Founder, Scott Nelson

So you've heard about light therapy and now you're wondering whether it's just a passing fad in the world of health. Today on the podcast we speak to Scott

PMR #270: A Digestive Health Masterclass with Dr. Michael Ruscio

In this episode we welcome back Dr. Michael Ruscio to continue our foray into the all important topic of gut health! We discuss misdiagnosis of thyroid issues and how

PMR #269: Paleo 101

Today we're going to give you a quick rundown and reminder of the basics of the Paleo diet and lifestyle. This might be helpful for understanding the foundation for

PMR #268: Toxin-Free Skincare, Healthy Eating, and Frog Venom—with Alitura Naturals Founder Andy Hnilo

Andy Hnilo is a great friend of ours. He has an amazing and awe-inspiring story, which we fully unpacked the first time he was on the podcast, in episode

PMR #267: Seven Tips for Getting Paleo Fit

In this quickie episode, we read a recent article from by Darryl Edwards titled "Seven Tips for Getting Paleo Fit." In this article, Darryl unpacks seven great and easy

PMR #266: Making Bacon Better with Jones Dairy Farm

This week, we welcome Lisa Caras from Jones Dairy Farm to tell us all about the company's very meaty business, which has been running for 130 years. Lisa shares

PMR #265: How to Add a Healthy Dose of Adventure to Your Life—with Bee the Wellness

This week, we're joined by Adam and Vanessa from Bee the Wellness. This couple and their company host a number of annual retreats packed with health, nutrition, mindfulness, and

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