PMR #289: Talking ancestral health, resiliency, and primal living with Colin Stuckert

Today on the show we are joined by Colin Stuckert, the founder, and CEO of Wild Foods! Wild Foods is a young company, specializing in sourcing and producing the

PMR #288: Longevity: You Are in Control

Ashleigh keeps it short and sweet today by reading a brilliant article on aging and mitigating its effects by Dr. Jason Kremer. Longevity: You are in Control appears in Paleo Magazine, which

PMR #287: Chinese medicine, collagen, and chocolate Talking balanced health with Further Food

Today we are thrilled to invite Lillian Zhao on to the show who speaks about her women-run health foods platform, Further Food. Lillian begins by sharing the story behind

PMR #286: Ashleigh goes on a wellness retreat in Montana with Bee the Wellness

Today we are doing things a little differently for the podcast, this episode was recorded live on location in Montana, where Ashleigh was taking part in the Bee the

PMR #285: Sugars, fibers, and net carbs: demystifying product labels with Yemeni Mesa

For today's episode, we are so happy to welcome back Yemeni Mesa! For those unfamiliar, Yemeni has spent many years and most of his life in the health, fitness

PMR #284: Enjoying life (and desserts) on an AIP Diet, with the Paleo Angel

On today's episode, we are joined by Amy Ma, also known as the Paleo Angel, to talk about her company and what it's like being an entrepreneur. Amy is

PMR #283: Honey is healthy: why it belongs in an ancestral diet, by Chris Kresser

In this quick show today we are going over Chris Kresser's recent article for Paleo Magazine about the health benefits of raw, natural honey! Sometimes lumped together with other

PMR #282: There’s more to oral health than clean teeth: Chatting with holistic dentist Dr. Ron Ehrlich

On today's show, we are joined by the wonderful, knowledgable and charming Dr. Ron Ehrlich from the Sydney Holistic Dental Center. Dr. Ron is here to share some of

PMR #281: Why “cavewomen” don’t get fat – looking to ancestral health for modern answers with Esther Blum

On today's episode, I get to have an in-depth conversation with the renowned integrative dietitian and high-performance coach, Esther Blum. Esther has helped thousands of women lose fat, eliminate

PMR #280: Everything you need to know about the world’s oldest beverage: Learning about Tea with Simon Cheng

On the show today we are very glad to welcome Simon Cheng the founder of Pique Tea! Simon gives us great insight into the oldest of beverages, its history,

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