PMR #309: For optimal health and body composition, focus on gaining energy before losing fat: Dr. Cate Shanahan

Losing fat is always a thing, and so many diet books focus on the fat loss itself, forgetting that arriving at a point where fat can actually be burned

PMR #308: How to understand and interpret research studies, with dietician Erin Skinner

Sometimes reading research studies is difficult and intense, and there is a huge tendency to skim read, ingest false information, and cherry-pick tidbits that fit in with our preconceived

PMR #307: Living a Genius Life with Max Lugavere

There are a few really great paleo books out there and now you can add The Genius Life, by Max Lugavere to that list! The Genius Life follows Genius Foods and broadens the scope of

PMR #306: Five ancestral habits to help you master your mind

Our biology has yet to catch up to the demands of modern living. We don't do well with sedentary lifestyles, always eating and constant exposure to light, yet these

PMR #305: An alternative to our broken food system Slow Down Farmstead

Tara Couture from Slow Down Farmstead joins us today on the podcast to talk about her life on a family farm and the model for nutrition that she thinks

PMR #303: The business of gut health, with Nouri founder Caroline Beckman

As gut health grows in the popular imagination, there is a greater and greater need for clear understanding and transparency. Just like many other areas of the health market,

PMR #302: Working out without burning out, with Dr. Emily Kiberd

Conventional chiropractic readjustments are often unsuitable treatments for people who suffer from chronic pain. Today's guest is Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractor whose approach to the treatment of people

PMR #301: Learning about light and eye health with Andy Mant

Light and eye health are an often-neglected part of our overall wellness. While many of us focus on proper nutrition, exercise, and mental health, we rarely turn attention to

PMR #300: Celebrating 300 episodes of Paleo Magazine Radio: lessons learned

This is a momentous occasion for Paleo Magazine Radio because today's show marks our 300th episode milestone, and we are incredibly pumped about that. We are super proud of

PMR #299: Training, eating, and unschooling with the Fat Fueled Family

Our two special guests in today's episode are Danny and Maura Vega who run the Fat Fueled Family, which is their personal brand that does coaching work around nutrition,

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