PMR #303: The business of gut health, with Nouri founder Caroline Beckman

As gut health grows in the popular imagination, there is a greater and greater need for clear understanding and transparency. Just like many other areas of the health market,

PMR #302: Working out without burning out, with Dr. Emily Kiberd

Conventional chiropractic readjustments are often unsuitable treatments for people who suffer from chronic pain. Today's guest is Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractor whose approach to the treatment of people

PMR #301: Learning about light and eye health with Andy Mant

Light and eye health are an often-neglected part of our overall wellness. While many of us focus on proper nutrition, exercise, and mental health, we rarely turn attention to

PMR #300: Celebrating 300 episodes of Paleo Magazine Radio: lessons learned

This is a momentous occasion for Paleo Magazine Radio because today's show marks our 300th episode milestone, and we are incredibly pumped about that. We are super proud of

PMR #299: Training, eating, and unschooling with the Fat Fueled Family

Our two special guests in today's episode are Danny and Maura Vega who run the Fat Fueled Family, which is their personal brand that does coaching work around nutrition,

PMR #298: How your eyes, breath, and mood impact your your posture, performance, and body mechanics, with Posturepro founder Annette Verpillot

Our guest on the show today is Annette Verpillot, Canadian posturologist and founder of Posturepro. Annette is here to blow our minds about the causes of bad posture and

PMR #297: Can you build muscle and run marathons at the same time? Sabrina Wieser says yes

Joining us on this week's episode is Sabrina Wieser, German-born but New York-based marathon runner and coach who is known online as Running Brina. Growing up in a small

PMR #296: Another Paleo Q&A with Ashleigh and Beth Lipton!

In this week's episode, we're back with some listener Q&A's and we once again have Beth Lipton joining us as guest cohost. Beth is a professional recipe developer, freelance

PMR #295: How to eat, drink, and be merry (and healthy) this holiday season

The approaching holidays bring with them various temptations synonymous with this time of year. Rather than restricting yourself, we think you should indulge! Sensibly, of course. This is because

PMR #294: Seasonal Affective Disorder – what is SAD, and what can you do about it

Feeling a bit blue this winter? You're not alone! Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects far more people than you might realize. And while it's easy to get down

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