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Caveman Coffee takes their roasts as seriously as they do their fitness—and that means it’s pretty serious business. Founded by Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey, Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Caveman Coffee is a company that combines a love for good coffee with the pursuit of performance in nutrition.

Caveman Coffee’s beans are single-origin, single-estate, and produced and roasted by a single family. When the company was in its infancy, the founders sampled countless cups of coffee, searching for the best-tasting bean. They finally discovered their favorite in their own backyard at the 2013 Southwest Coffee and Chocolate Convention. Two local brothers had taken the beans from their family’s coffee plantation in Colombia and roasted them to such perfection that the Caveman Coffee crew was hooked—and soon they were collaborating on two special Caveman Coffee roasts, White Gold and Black Diamond.

The White Gold roast is a cross between a light roast and that of an unroasted “green” coffee bean. Caveman Coffee is sold as a whole-bean product in vacuum-sealed bags for freshness, and the first whiff of coffee once that bag is open is potent and delicious. The ground White Gold roast has a strong aroma of molasses and a light cinnamon color, and the delicate flavors within demand special care when brewing.

For those looking to boost their coffee game, Caveman Coffee provides a comprehensive “How to be a Brewmaster” post on their website, with tips for taking advantage of the delicate flavor profiles in their White Gold and Black Diamond offerings. Caveman Coffee recommends treating the White Gold roast as a tea rather than a coffee, with a long steep time in a French press.

Citrusy and grassy with a juicy acidity, the White Gold roast has nutty notes that emerge with a splash of coconut milk. Caveman Coffee recommends blending their roasts with your favorite fat to highlight the nuanced flavors, and offers MCT Oil and Caveman Coffee Cacao Butter for purchase online to make stirring together a “Caveman Mocha” as easy as possible.

The Black Diamond roast is less of a dark roast than a medium blend, with nutty, woody flavors that still maintain the bright acidity of the coffee. Dark-roast fans who prefer a more intense cup of coffee will enjoy an increased grounds-to-water ratio for a stronger, darker end result.

In addition to coffee, Caveman Coffee also sells organic Yerba Mate, a traditional South American tea high in antioxidants, caffeine, theobromine, antioxidants and polyphenols. Caveman Coffee created a recipe for fans of fatty coffee who’d rather caffeinate with tea—just blend a freshly brewed cup of Yerba Mate with Caveman Coffee’s MCT Oil, pastured butter and a dash of vanilla for a green tea latte instead.

Caveman Coffee offers a limited selection of organic dark chocolate in two varieties: The first is a sugar-free 80 percent cacao treat, and the second a “Paleo-ish” 70 percent chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar. Both are rich and flavorful, and although the absence of dairy and traditional sweeteners makes for a drier texture, Caveman Coffee makes up for it by stuffing the chocolate bars full of slivered almonds and sea salt for added crunch and flavor.

The pursuit of quality is an integral aspect of the Caveman Coffee mission. Caveman Coffee products are all organic, as well as certified by Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, both of which focus on sustainability in the coffee, cocoa and tea industries. Caveman Coffee’s prerogative is to support clean, sustainable practices in an industry too often besmirched by poor environmental and humanitarian practices. Supporting a family business and a local producer through their roaster and his family coffee plantation also helps maintain the integrity of Caveman Coffee’s small-batch approach.

The impetus of Caveman Coffee came from a wholehearted belief in the power of Paleo. One delicious cup at a time, the folks at Caveman Coffee are working to spread the message that fueling with fat instead of sugar is the way to better performance, improved health and longevity, and a richer enjoyment of life.

For information on stockists or to order online, visit CavemanCoffeeCo.com.