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Cholesterol Clarity – Book Review

Louise Hendon | September 16
cholesterol clarity by jimmy moore book review

Book Title:

Cholesterol Clarity
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Book Authors:

Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, MD

Overview of Book:

This book is like a ‘Dummy’s Guide’ to cholesterol. It covers everything from basic information about cholesterol and why you need it, to opinions from different interest groups about cholesterol. The book gets into test results, treatments, myths about cholesterol, health markers and misconceptions about cholesterol and health.

Who This Book is For:

Cholesterol Clarity is for anyone who has ever had their cholesterol tested or anyone who has wondered what the fuss over cholesterol is all about. The book is also for anyone who has concerns, for themselves or someone close to them over cholesterol, and for anyone who is interested in better health and a better understanding of how our bodies function.

Favorite Technique:

A lot of books of this sort can be hard to follow because they are filled with so much detail and such complex information that you get through a chapter feeling overwhelmed with what you’ve just taken in.

I love that this book offers ‘Moments of Clarity’ which explain and highlight concepts in brief, simple terms and that chapters end with ‘Key Cholesterol Clarity Concepts’ that highlight and present in point form the main ideas to be taken from the chapter. Read the book, absolutely, but then use these two supporting tools as an easy reference when you’re looking for points you want to remember and look back on.

I also love that throughout the book the author references the idea that if you’re following a lifestyle plan that works, and you’re healthy, keep doing it. This is not a doom and gloom, you must do what we say or you will never be healthy kind of book. Instead the authors provide information for consideration, tips and a better understanding of what healthy really means.

Top 3 Chapters:

Chapter 1: ‘What is Cholesterol and Why do You Need It?’ is a great introduction to cholesterol, its role in the proper function of the body and why misinformation about it isn’t helping people in general. The final point in the chapter – that you are your own best health advocate and sometimes understand better than the health profession what is good for you, is valuable advice in many instances.

My next pick is Chapter 6: ‘What Does heart Healthy Really Mean?’ This chapter covers the basics of healthy eating, dispelling rumors about low fat compared with natural fat and presents the basics to help people understand what a healthy diet comprises.

Finally, I like Chapter 13: ‘What Do You Mean My Cholesterol is Too Low?’ Beyond just talking about the benefits of higher cholesterol, this chapter explains the negative side of having cholesterol levels that are too low, tying in both the benefits of higher cholesterol and the idea that many of the health issues associated with low cholesterol can be repaired, simply by adding in cholesterol. This supports the advice in later chapters around low fat, vegetarian diets.

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About Heather Seftel-Kirk: Not a physician or nutritionist, Heather came to her understanding of food and health through parenting three children, now teens, who seemed not to fit the ‘norms’ of health and through questions…so many questions.

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