Depression ebook

Getting Help, Getting Going and Letting Go

Depression is real and a modern epidemic – ten times as prevalent today as it was just a generation ago. The more we can talk about it, open our minds to new views on it, and confront it, the more chance we have of decreasing its incidence – and improving the lives of a lot of people in the process.

An illness of lifestyle?

No more than we can go about eating fake and processed food and think it has nothing to do with our health issues can we continue to live stress-ridden, sedentary, always-on, supercharged lives and think we won’t suffer mentally. It makes no sense to separate the mental and the physical. We need to look at everything physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and whatever else we can to live better, happier and higher-quality lives.

Chapters in our Depression ebook:

  • Chapter 1: Depression – A Broken Brain Or The Inevitable Result Of A Modern Lifestyle?
    • A look at some of the potential causes of depression and how our modern lifestyle plays a role in its development.
  • Chapter 2: Taking Proactive Control Of Your State Of Mind
    • A discussion of the triggers of depression and how to modify how we look at events, and our lives in general, to get a better handle on them.
  • Chapter 3: Getting Help, Getting Going and Letting Go
    • Treatment and therapy options that may be useful and the importance of letting go of things that drag you down and hold you back.
  • Chapter 4: Taking Active Control Of Your State Of Mind
    • The cycles of depression and anxiety and how to overcome them.
  • Chapter 5: Your Life Environment As An Ecosystem
    • The importance examining every aspect of your life in working to overcome chronic illness so you can thrive.
  • Chapter 6: Focus On The Fundamentals
    • The vast majority of your results will always come down to the fundamentals.

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