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Eating Out Paleo: Lakeside Bar & Grill at the Radisson Hotel, Portland, OR

Louise Hendon | February 9
lakeside restaurant portland radisson hotel

I woke up on Sunday morning in Portland to a weather advisory – there was a lot of ice on the roads, and they were advising everyone to stay indoors. After some debate, we decided to heed the advisory and had lunch at our hotel instead.

The Food

We had definitely not planned to eat at our hotel restaurant during our stay, but I think our meal there illustrates that you can find something Paleo-friendly at pretty much every restaurant (there are some exceptions of course, and you have to not be too picky!).

Although both the breakfast and dinner menus offered more Paleo options, the lunch menu was unfortunately rather limited (the menus are here). But we still had the choice of a burger without the bun or one of the salads.
lakeside radisson portland airport pdx hotel restaurant paleo

I went for the steak house salad. It wasn’t my favorite meal ever, but it shows again that it’s possible to do Paleo regardless of the circumstances. Now, I’m just hoping the ice starts melting soon!

steak house salad lakeside radisson hotel restaurant portland