If you’re listening to this show, you might be eating a perfectly Paleo diet, eliminating grains, legumes, industrial seed oils, and, of course, the devil’s excrement, gluten.  But are your feet regularly making contact with earth?  Do you have deep, meaningful relationships with friends and family?  Are you connected to your own body?

Frank Forencich, creator of the website, Exuberant Animal, and the blog, book, and transformational seminar series of the same name, has sought for years to address the primate’s dilemma: how we as ancient bodies can navigate this modern world with vitality and grace.  We’ll be speaking with Frank to get his ideas on how you can expand your Paleo diet into a Paleo lifestyle. In the second half of the show, we talk with Exuberant Animal Master Trainer Josh Leeger, and Exuberant Animal fan Jeff Rampino, about what it means to be serious about play.

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