Go Paleo ebook

The Step-By-Step Guide to Go Paleo + KETO Quick-Start Guide

In the Paleo world, it seems new research, more recipes and life-hacking tips, and yet another bestselling book are constantly joining the ranks of an already established base of Paleo knowledge, creating a vibrant and diverse community hungry for the best life possible. But all that information often makes it difficult for people who are just dipping their toes into that community—people who are just beginning to Go Paleo—to know exactly what steps they should take as they start their Paleo journey. Should I eat potatoes, or shouldn’t I? Won’t eating a lot of fat make me fat? How much sleep do I need? Do I have to give up my smartphone and laptop? What about wearing those funky toe-shoes?

This is where Go Paleo comes in.

Go Paleo covers, step-by-step, the food, the exercise, the science, and everything else one needs to go from Paleo initiate to full-on Paleo expert—and all the info a Paleo veteran needs to forever continue their journey toward optimal health.

Over 120 full-color pages of in-depth content, including:

  • 12 comprehensive chapters, with information and recommendations on diet, sleep, technology, connection with others, sun exposure, play, exercise, and more
  • 80+ pages of additional in-depth articles, written by experts in their fields like Nora Gedgaudas, Sarah Ballantyne, Eirik Garnas, Alison Main, Melani Schweder, Katy Bowman, Leo Vassershteyn, Aglaée Jacobs and Ashleigh VanHouten.
  • 30 recipes, each with full-color photographs
  • Paleo Quick Start Guide
  • Keto Quick Start Guide
  • Guide to sourcing and purchasing grass-fed meat
  • The ultimate guide to Paleo sweeteners
  • Tips to diversify your microbiome
  • Useful tips to ensuring restorative sleep
  • Suggestions on how to go barefoot
  • Nourishing Your Feet!
  • 9 Primal Exercises
  • FODMAPs and the Paleo Diet
  • An Evolutionary Look at Fat
  • Vitamin D and the Sun

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