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Golden Ratio Nutritionals is based on the perfect proportions in the mathematical equation that created the “golden spiral.” Used to create da Vinci’s great sketch of the Vitruvian Man, this concept applauds balance and harmony to create the perfect visual aesthetic. When applied to nutrition, it aligns with the mission of Golden Ratio Nutritionals—that perfection and healing are found in nature, and can be translated to radiant health in the human body.

Golden Ratio Nutritionals currently offers two flavors of their protein powder, and one protein bar. They generously sent Paleo Magazine a jar of their Vanilla Bliss Protein Blend as well as a selection of their Vanilla Chocolate Chip Protein Bars.

The Golden Ratio Vanilla Bliss Protein Powder contains 30 grams of proprietary, non-GMO pea protein combined with a collagen blend, and includes an additional 500 milligrams of collagen peptides, pre- and post-digestive enzymes, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Golden Ratio is the only supplement company to sweeten their protein powders with coconut sugar, along with a little Lo Han Guo. This lends itself to a subtle sweetness with no artificial aftertaste. It’s a welcome change from most other protein powders—cloyingly sweet and fake to boot—plus it’s a nice thought that a little dose of all-natural sugar in each serving helps to refuel muscles in the post-workout feeding window.

According to their website, the Golden Ratio Vanilla Bliss Protein Powder was designed with some very specific uses in mind: It is meant to be mixed only with water for the ingredients to work together correctly in the digestive tract, and to be taken within 30 minutes of waking for the optimal fat-burning, metabolic rate-boosting and blood sugar-stabilization effects to take place. However, it also works well as a post-workout supplement for those who can’t tolerate dairy.

On its own—mixed only in water—the powder is tasty, with the natural vanilla flavors shining through, but lacking in texture. The pea protein is neither grainy nor chalky, but something about it resists full saturation in liquid. Thus, you can always feel the protein powder, no matter how you blend it.

When mixed with nut milk or blended into a smoothie with other ingredients, however, whatever textural oddities the protein powder may have are camouflaged, and the flavor wins out. Overall, it’s a great option for dairy-free individuals looking for a protein powder that adheres to dietary restrictions without completely lacking in animal protein.

The Golden Ratio Vanilla Chocolate Chip Protein Bars contain 13 grams of protein, with an impressive all-natural ingredients list: almond butter, pea protein, organic clover honey, dark chocolate chips, organic cocoa, organic vanilla extract and sea salt make up these dense snack bars. They aren’t overly sweet, which is a pleasant departure from the many protein bars masquerading as candy bars available on the market. As Golden Ratio Nutritionals is committed to grain- and dairy-free products, with a promise to never use artificial sweeteners and a pledge to source ingredients with purity as the main focus, these protein bars adhere to high standards of quality and taste. The almond butter base lends a savory, nutty flavor, while the dark chocolate chips offer an occasional decadent note. The texture is more dry than chewy, although never chalky, and at around 200 calories per bar, these make for a suitable snack.

Golden Ratio Nutritionals recently released their newest product, Chocolate Bliss Protein Powder. Made from a blend of pea protein, collagen, collagen peptides, digestive enzymes, organic coconut palm sugar, Lo Han Guo, medium chain triglycerides and Dutch cocoa, this protein powder is sure to be another winning supplement.

For more information about Golden Ratio Nutritionals or for online ordering information, visit TheGoldenRatio.co.