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Kids today are expected to sit still, pay attention, and behave like little adults and when they don’t, they’re diagnosed with ADD and medicated with stimulant drugs. But can you really blame them when most of their calories come from processed food and most of their fun comes from a computer or smartphone screen?

Just as adults get sick when their modern lifestyles run counter to their ancient DNA kids too suffer and what makes it all worse is the sad fact that most of the medical and educational establishment hasn’t made this connection. Thankfully however, some doctors are breaking rank and trading in their prescription pads for cooking classes.

One practitioner who exemplifies this is Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a board-certified adult and child neurologist, lifelong foodie, and environmental activist, who from her New York City based practice, has successfully treated hundreds of children with neurological issues with an integrative approach, that includes functional medicine, herbs, mind-body techniques, and homeopathy.

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On today’s show I’m joined by Dr. Maya and we discuss:

  • How she became interested in the field of psycho-neuro immunology.
  • Why she is concerned about use of stimulant drugs to treat pediatric behavior and attention disorders.
  • How she started to use things like food, outdoor time, and dirt to treat her patients.
  • The life-changing transformations she’s seen with her approach.
  • The childcare revolution she hopes to start with her new book The Dirt Cure Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil.

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