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Is All Sugar Bad for Me?

Jeremy Hendon | May 6

Sugar is tricky. When you look at only good clinical studies (Randomized Double Blind Trials), sugar is only a problem in caloric excess. A lot of people try to argue for more, but the science isn’t there.

However, I think you can easily say that processed sugar in general is a big problem, based on those studies.

The problems are these:
1. Processed sugar is very easy to over-eat, because it’s not usually accompanied by fiber or water as it is in nature,
2. It’s usually lacking the B vitamins that our bodies need to properly process it, meaning that we rapidly become deficient in those vitamins,

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3. In its processed form, it’s much easier for pathogenic gut bacteria to feed on, causing and lot of gut dysbiosis, and
4. This is the MOST IMPORTANT – in its processed form, sugar is almost always added to a food with fat and salt, which makes foods hyperpalatable, leading directly to overeating, which is the problem supported by all of the scientific literature.

Images: Copyright (c) Viktor from Fotolia