Created by nature lovers and passionate hikers, Juniper Ridge products seek to bring a bit of the outdoors into everyday life.

Wild harvesting is the name of the game with the Juniper Ridge teas. What does that entail? Juniper Ridge puts it best:

We crawl around in mountain meadows. We smell the wet earth beneath fir trees, and spend whiskey-fueled hours arguing over the scent of a wind sweeping over a glacier. We make our

[goods] throughout the West, on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in our Oakland, California workshop. All to capture the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert at sunrise, or a late-season Sierra trailhead with winter right around the corner.

Not only is wild harvesting an art form, but a way to care for our gentle earth. This responsible gathering ensures that, although Juniper Ridge returns to the same stands year after year, the regrowth of a plant community is continually monitored. Additionally, Juniper Ridge does its best to support native species through their wild harvesting practices and their involvement in native plant restoration projects that span from San Diego to Seattle.

The Juniper Ridge teas are made simply, but carry with them a profound connection to a place. Flavors like White Sage & Wild Mint and Douglas Fir Spring Tip transport the drinker to a mountain meadow or a rugged coastal cliff with a single sip. Juniper Ridge carefully selects native flora from the trails they seek to preserve, picking up a sprig of a flowering plant, a bit of bark, or a mushroom here and there, and drying or steam distilling its essence to add to their otherworldly blends later.

Current offerings include White Sage & Wild Mint Tea and Douglas Fir Spring Tip tea. White Sage & Wild Mint is made from sustainably wild-harvested white sage from the California desert country, and a blend of organic mint and wild mint. The flavor of the earthy sage is balanced by the bright, uplifting mint, and a mineral aroma hints at its desert Southwest origins.

The Douglas Fir Spring Tip tea is made from sustainably wild-harvested Douglas Fir needle tips. Although drinking tree-flavored water doesn’t exactly sound appealing at first blush, the tea has a pleasant, light citrus flavor with an aroma that suggests the forest. It is a refreshing departure from the taste of conventional black or green teas, and the taste is highlighted by a drizzle of local wildflower honey.

In addition to teas, Juniper Ridge also offers a line of colognes, campfire incense, cabin spray and trail soap, among other products, all of which are handcrafted with wild-harvested goods from the trail.

Juniper Ridge is devoted to wilderness preservation and education, and as such, pledges to donate 10 percent of annual profits to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defense organizations.

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