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Our New Paleo Website

Louise Hendon | July 15 and have merged

Welcome to Our Paleo Website!

You might have already noticed the new look of our Paleo website and the fact that everything from is now redirecting to

So, welcome to our new combined and better website!

Why did we merge?

As many of you know, Jeremy and I (Louise) are married, and while we enjoy writing about different aspects of Paleo, it just made sense to house all of that knowledge on one easy-to-navigate Paleo website. So, we’ll both be writing articles, making videos, and cooking up lots of delicious Paleo recipes, but you’ll be able to find all of that here.

Our Paleo Recipes At A Glance

I know many of you love Paleo recipes, so we’ve put together all those recipes on one page for you to easily find what you’re looking for. Check it out here:

Easy Menu At the Top

We’ve got a simple menu at the top of the page that navigates you to all the best pages, from recipes to articles to free stuff!

We’ve even got a new page full of our Favorite Paleo Products – check it out here:

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can get to all our free stuff easily from the top menu or by clicking on one of the badges on the right side of the page.

Great on Phones and Tablets!

Our new website now looks great on phones and tablets too, so you can look things up on the go!

Email Us

As always, we’re always here to help you out – comment on a post and we’ll reply. Or email us directly! I’m at [email protected] (my old emails will still work too!) and Jeremy is at [email protected].

Please also let us know if there are any hiccups on the website – we’ve tried to make the transition as smooth as possible, but we know that there will be issues that we won’t have foreseen. So, if you see anything not working (or if there’s anything wrong in the posts), please please let us know and we’ll fix it!

Take a Quick Video Tour

Nikki - July 15

Congrats and it looks wonderful. My clients and I look forward to more posts.

nanci simpson - July 15

I LOVE the new website. Do you have a great recipe for a paleo tortilla??

Sylvia - July 16

Good idea! And congratulations !
I’m going to have a look in a moment.

Can I buy from you some EASY menus that are a bit customised for me?
I would love to have a month of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack for a month and that four times a year for the season.
I try to do Wahls Paleo plus + Aip.
I also am allergic to pig and shellfish.
As I live in Europe I do the metric system not cups etc. Sorry!
I am not a great cook and recipes with more then 10 items scare me.
Also I like to have a meal on the table in 45 min to an hour, no more!
I will make my own shopping lists.
Hope my wish list is possible… And does not stay a wish 🙂

Kind regards,
Sylvia Knoop

P.s in the past I have tried to make my own but I am not computer savy and I only have an ipad.

    Louise Hendon - July 16

    Hi Sylvia – we’re looking into the meal plan issue, but currently we don’t do any customized ones. Sorry!

Joel Pettit - July 16

CONGRATULATIONS, LOUISE! All of your ideas are Excellent! I always look forward to your absolutely brilliant writing! THANK YOU for all your amazing talents which you share so generously – so totally First Class! I now look forward to more of your very helpful postings, as well as Jeremy’s!

    Marty Barrack - July 16

    Hi Jeremy & Louise. You’re a lovely couple doing some great work in the Paleo food area. Great idea to merge into one web site. I’m a big believer in putting all the information in one place where we can easily find it all.

    If you do get back into shipping pre-packaged foods I’d also like to see what you’re packaging. God bless you both.

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