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Favorite Bloggers: Civilized Caveman Cooking

Jeremy Hendon | November 14
george bryant paleo blogger website

The Blog

Civilized Caveman Cooking 

The Blogger

George Bryant 

His Story

It’s almost impossible to encapsulate George in a story (he’s larger than life in every way possible), but it’s worth a shot.Up until 2013, George was a Marine.  And both before he became a Marine and during his service, George constantly battled weight and health issues, as many of us have.  As part of that battle, George put himself through the ringer in terms of exercise and diet for a very long time while in the Marine corps.  And in 2005, he nearly lost both of his legs because of it.George developed a condition called exercise induced compartment syndrome – largely from the stress of pushing his body too hard – and was just able to save both of his legs.  He spent a year in a wheelchair and in rehab, all the while being told that he’d never be able to walk without a cane.civilized caveman cookingI first met George in 2012, and he certainly didn’t have a cane.  Rather, he’s now as healthy as he’s ever been.  And more importantly, after starting his blog in 2011, he’s helping more people get healthy than he ever imagined.As fascinating and impressive at this story is, however, it’s George’s personality that really can’t be put into words.  George is the nicest, most caring, and most generous of people, on top of being incredibly smart, talented, and hard-working.  Anyone who gets to know George for even just 5 minutes can easily see why he’s become as popular as he has.

What We Particularly Love about George

First and foremost, we love George.  His personality and charisma shine through in everything he does, making it both more interesting and more relevant.  But we also love his recipes and his photography.  George has grown into an amazing chef, and he’s particularly talented at creating treats, snacks, and desserts that are too delicious to be Paleo (and yet too healthy not to be).  George is prolific in his creations, constantly coming out with new and better recipes, and I don’t know anybody who is complaining about it.There is nobody more fun to follow than George, and there’s nothing more delicious than his site.  For the most part, he’s already a fixture in the lives of many people following a Paleo diet and lifestyle, but if you don’t yet know him, then I encourage you to check him out.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Our Favorite Recipe

Paleo Banana BreadThis is George’s most popular recipe for good reason (Louise tried it out and it was fantastic).  Once going Paleo, almost everybody would ideally love to have a good bread recipe once in a while.  However, George’s Paleo Banana Bread is an upgrade.It’s by far the best banana bread I’ve ever had, and it will make you forget about any other desserts or baked goods you might be missing.  On top of it all, it’s incredibly easy and turns out well every single time.

George’s Books

George and Juli Bauer came out with the best-selling cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, in June 2014. It’s an amazing book filled with tons of delicious recipes (it’s gotten over 460 5-star reviews on Amazon!).the paleo kitchen cookbook by juli bauer and george bryantGeorge also has tons of other recipe ebooks on Amazon – check them out from his Amazon page.

Images: Copyright © George from Civilized Caveman Cooking