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Paleo By Season – Paleo Cookbook Review

Louise Hendon | August 12
Paleo by season by peter servold paleo cookbook review

Book Title:

Paleo By Season – A Chef’s Approach to Paleo Cooking
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Book Author:

Peter Servold

Overview of Book:

Peter Servold was trained at Le Cordon Bleu and then worked at Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on farm-to-table dining. He now runs Pete’s Paleo, a Paleo food delivery service that ships to the entire US!

This book is based on cooking locally using fresh seasonal ingredients. There are over 100 recipes grouped by season (rather than by the traditional appetizer, mains, and desserts categories). The book has a variety of recipes and indicates the skill level required for making each recipe (one dot is easy and four dots is professional chef level).

Who This Book is For:

If you want to bring fine dining Paleo-style to your dinner table, then this is the book for you! But let me clarify that this isn’t fine-dining French style, it’s fine dining American style. And by that I mean using fresh ingredients to make dishes that are simple, elegant, and hearty. For example, you’ll find in this cookbook recipes for Beer Butt Chicken (page 96), Candied Bacon and Apple Salad (page 242), Lamb Scramble (page 200), and Cast Iron Charred Broccolini.

However, note that if you’re looking for baked goods and sweet treats, then this is not the book for you!

Paleo by season by peter servold paleo cookbook review

Favorite Chapter:

I love the Chapter entitled “Why I Cook, And Now Cook Paleo.” This is where Pete tells his wonderful story, and his humorous personality really shines through.

Paleo by season by peter servold paleo cookbook review

Top 3 Recipes:

1. Bison Bolognese
With liver, bison, and fresh herbs, and served with spaghetti squash, this recipe is easy and filling.

2. Okra Brunswick Stew
I love the creole spice in this dish, and okra is sadly not in enough dishes!

3. Pork Loin Wrapped in Bacon
I’m always a fan of bacon, and this dish looks delicious. Plus, I love the tip about blanching bacon that comes with this recipe!

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