Paleo Diet + Lifestyle Wellness Guide ebook

The Paleo lifestyle is about nourishing your body with real food, unplugging from electronics, bonding with others face-to-face, getting out in the sun, playing for the sake of playing, resting, and giving your body a chance to thrive in the manner it evolved.

Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Wellness Guide ebook

It is our hope that this ebook will help you build upon the foundational Paleo lifestyle principles of real food, playful movement, sleep, sun, de-stressing, and social interaction. These tools should help you take the message of Paleo to the masses, ensure a healthy pregnancy, tailor Paleo to suit your needs, augment your health with technology, supplement wisely, and stay fit even while working.

Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Wellness Guide ebook

Just as you can’t out-supplement a poor-quality diet, you can’t out-diet bad sleep, bad relationships, excess stress, and sedentarism. The information in our Paleo Diet + Lifestyle Wellness Guide is written by experts in their fields to help guide you on your Paleo journey.

Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Wellness Guide ebook

Content in this ebook includes:

  • Five Reasons Paleo Folks Are Happier
  • Why Personalizing Your Paleo Diet Is The Key To Success
  • Seven Ways Paleo Can Benefit Your Pregnancy
  • Smart Supplementation For Paleo Dieters
  • Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Six Workplace Hacks To Bring Movement Back Into The Modern World
  • Digital Devices For Empowering Health
  • Adding Your Voice To The Paleosphere
  • The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise
  • Ten Mouthwatering Paleo Recipes!

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