Paleo Fitness ebook

Paleo Fitness is 280+ pages of workouts, tips, and delicious, performance-based recipes from thought leaders in both the Paleo and fitness communities!  This ebook is dedicated to serving the community of athletes interested in maximizing their performance and aesthetics through a diet, movement and lifestyle that is fully focused on realizing their genetic potential.

Maximize Your Performance.

Over 35 articles, written by expert contributors like Aaron Alexander, Marc Bubbs, Jill Coleman, Darryl Edwards, Sarah Fragoso, Stephanie Gaudreau, Ben Greenfield, Sue Hitzmann, Nate Miyaki, Liz Nierzwicki, Keith Norris, and more!

Topics include:

  • 7 Mind Hacks For Motivation
  • Jump Start Your Nutrition In 30 Days
  • 7 Tips To Get Paleo Fit
  • Women & Fat Loss
  • 4 Rules For Ancestral Fitness
  • Muscle Building Rules For Women
  • Bodyweight Basics
  • Principles of Sitting & Standing
  • Strength Training & Hormone Balance
  • Building A Killer Home Gym
  • Getting Unstuck With Stick Mobility
  • Kettlebell Work
  • Breathing Like Your Ancestors
  • HITT For Kids
  • Top 5 Protein Myths
  • Flexibility Tips From A Yoga Pro
  • Powerlifting 101
  • And over 15 more!

Get 20+ mouthwatering, Paleo recipes to help fuel your workouts and movement sessions. Recipes include:

  • Coconut Butter Energy Bites
  • Plantain Protein Muffins
  • Pumpkin Pie Post-Workout Smoothie
  • Orange Creamsicle Pops
  • Lao Breakfast Salad
  • Thai Turkey Chili-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Beet Chocolate Recovery Shake
  • Rosemary Potato Galette
  • Carrot Cake Recovery Shake
  • Lamb Meatballs with Pistou
  • And more!

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