Why do you no longer offer print subscriptions?

Our decision to go 100% digital was not made lightly. You can read our full release here.

What is the Paleo Magazine refund policy?

We strive to make all customers happy, even those who choose not to continue their subscription with us. To cancel, suspend, or transfer your subscription, please contact customer service.

Why can I no longer renew my print subscription?

After spending years trying to help create solutions to the immense, negative impact the printing industry has on the environment, Paleo Magazine has decided to go digital only. You can read our decision process here.

Why can I no longer see any of the digital issues in the Paleo Magazine or Kindle app?

As part of our transition to digital-only, we no longer produce “issues” and will eventually be placing all our past print content directly to our website as posts. In the interim, you will be able to view past print issues in the subscriber dashboard.

Where is the digital magazine for viewing?

We no longer use a magazine/issue format. All articles and recipes can now be found as posts on our website.

Why can’t I download or view the ebooks if I have a subscription?

Our ebooks are not included in subscriptions and are available separately.

I do not want to auto-renew my subscription, what do I do?

To cancel your auto-renew before your subscription ends, login to your account on our website. Click Manage Subscriptions, then Stop Auto-Renewal. You will be asked to confirm this, click yes. Your subscription will continue, however it will not automatically renew.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please login to your subscriber account and go to Manage Subscriptions and click on the cancel subscription link.