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As you listen to this podcast, think about the position your body’s in. Are you sitting up tall with your shoulders back, your neck feeling light, movements easy and unencumbered? Or are you sitting crouched; slouched; crunched? Is your spine compressed in unnatural ways? We know all about the negative effects of a modern diet, but what about the negative effects of modern posture?

In this episode, Dr. Jerry Kennedy, a chiropractor who’s seen the effects of poor modern posture firsthand, joins us to discuss all aspects of spinal health. He’s the host of a podcast called The Dr. Jerry Kennedy Show, and he’s a wealth of knowledge not just about posture, but about all things related to health and wellness.

And, when we’re done talking with Dr. Kennedy, we’re going to be bringing back our good friend Adam Farrah. Today’s Big-Picture Paleo subject addresses a question that’s probably very familiar to anyone who’s been a parent of a three- or four-year-old. It’s the question of “why?”

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