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What’s the Difference between Paleo and Clean Eating or a Real Foods Diet?

Jeremy Hendon | December 6
What's the Difference between Paleo and Clean Eating or a Real Foods Diet?

Depending on where you live, what you watch and/or read, and who you talk to, you might hear about many different ways of eating that seem to be the same or very close to Paleo.

And, to be fair, there may or may not be any difference.

It’s almost impossible to pin down every single type of diet/eating plan that comes along.

More and more of the most effective plans/diets are extremely close to Paleo.


Mostly because it’s what works.

Paleo Versus “Clean Eating”

When we talk about a “Clean Eating” diet, it’s likely very close to Paleo.

They probably remove most processed junk and focus on foods that are very close to the foods that humans have eaten for a very long time.

Some “clean eating” diets may or may not cut out certain processed foods like legumes and/or dairy, so that could be a potential difference between Paleo and clean eating but in general, the differences are far fewer than the similarities.

Paleo Versus “Real Food”

In this case, there’s almost no difference, and many people describe themselves as both Paleo and “Real Food.”

I count myself among those people.

I don’t consider processed foods or grains or pasteurized dairy to be “real food,” so I don’t eat it.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what anyone calls it.

“Paleo” is a term of convenience, but as long as you’re eating a nutrient-dense, low-toxin diet, you can call it anything you like.

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