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Squat Mobility with Leo

Many trainers coach the squat with knee flexion to 90 degrees and no more, a lot like sitting down in a chair. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You squat like you’re doing your business in the woods….MORE  >

How 420lbs of Beef Built a Better Life for One American Family

For many people, thinking about food leads to better food choices. But what if your food leads you to thinking? For Jared Stone, author of Year of the Cow, going through an entire grass-fed steer transformed not only his personal health, but the way that he spends time with his family and the way that he considers the food on his plate….MORE  >

Paleo Magazine Conversations – The Big Fat Surprise with Nina Teicholz

Despite what the nutritional dogma of the past six decades would have you believe, real butter, red meat, whole eggs, and all sorts of “fatty foods” are absolutely essential for good health.  How we got it so wrong, and how we can bring the fat back into our diet is the subject of The Big Fat Surprise…MORE  >

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