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Change the way you look at meat

Find out why more and more people are saying “no” to factory farming with Pasture Perfect: How You Can Benefit from Choosing Meat, Eggs and Dairy Products from Grass- Fed Animals by Jo Robinson (Vashon Island Press). One of the first journalists to deep-dive into the benefits of raising animals in a species-appropriate manner, Jo does an excellent job of explaining exactly why grass-fed products are safer and healthier for you, the farmers, the animals and the environment. Backed by science and her own research, Jo takes you on an eye-opening tour of both a grass-based farm and a factory farm, pointing out the stark differences in the ways our food is raised. Pasture Perfect also gives advice on finding grass-fed products, cooking grass-fed meats and includes 60 delicious recipes. This book is a must read for anyone truly interested in taking control of their health and understanding where their food comes from.

From the preface

“Environmentalists have been recommending putting animals out to pasture as a way to reduce pollution, cut down on the use of fossil fuel, and prevent the erosion of top soil. People who work with farmers have been encouraging them to feed more grass and less grain to their animals as a way to lower the cost of production. And animal welfare advocates have viewed pasture-based farming as a way to improve conditions for the animals. [However,] research [shows] that the more primitive diet is better for our health in almost all ways. Clearly, it [isn’t] possible for hundreds of millions of us to head back to the woods and live as hunter gatherers. But it might be possible to eat food that resembles the hunter-gatherer diet.”