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We’ve talked to many people who have dealt with serious health conditions, and many of them have been frustrated or stymied by the conventional medical system and the care they’ve received from doctors, but what happens if you are the patient and the doctor? This is the situation Dr. Cate Shanahan found herself in when she experienced a mysterious and undiagnosable pain in her knee that made it difficult for her to walk and almost cost her her job.

After trying multiple treatments and experiencing numerous dead ends, she came across a book called Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil, which, in her words, “opened a crack in the darkness.” In Spontaneous Healing, Dr. Cate learned about the significance of omega three fatty acids and it set her on a path to uncover the “dark calories” that have infiltrated our food supply and how traditional fats, and an ancestral diet in general, can provide a way out of many modern diseases. She was inspired to write her ideas down, and these notes provided the basis for her best-selling book Deep Nutrition that she wrote along with her husband Luke.

Deep Nutrition was originally released back in 2008, and since then, she has been busy building her medical practice, speaking at conferences across the country, and working as a dietary consultant for the LA Lakers. Obviously she’s learned a lot in the process and is now taking those lessons and using them to revise, update, and expand her book.

The updated version of Dr. Cate’s Deep Nutrition is now available, and on today’s show, we discuss:

  • The dangers of intergenerational malnutrition.
  • The superfood she used to help Kobe Bryant recover 100% faster from an ankle injury.
  • Why oxidative stress is the ultimate disease maker.
  • How free radicals can create an explosion of inflammation in the body.
  • Why good fats taste better.
  • The right questions to ask when you go to a restaurant.
  • How she gets professional basketball players to eat healthy.

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