We are delighted to welcome NFL player Tim Hightower to talk to us about his Paleo journey to recovery from a serious, career-threatening injury. Like many other young players in the NFL, Tim’s diet was not very well thought out, consisting of lots of fast food and whatever else was available. It was only after he sustained an injury that would put him out of action for almost four seasons that he changed his diet with the goal of recovery. In our conversation, he tells us about the perseverance it took to get back on the field after so much time out, and how long it took to find the right doctor to give him the right advice. He then takes us through his current workout and dietary practices and some of the basic lessons he has learned along the way. Tim drives home some important points around recovery, mobility, stamina, and adaptation. For a great talk with an experienced, top-level athlete, be sure to tune in!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some background on Tim’s professional football career.
  • The perseverance that has typified Tim’s return to the NFL after serious injury.
  • Tim’s dietary journey from when he left college to the time of his injury.
  • The experience of working with naturopathic doctors after struggling to find answers.
  • How Tim came to experience first hand the effects of eating for recovery.
  • What Tim’s daily diet looks like now in and out of season.
  • The dietary culture and control within Tim’s home and family.
  • The ways in which Tim now manages his health and diet personally.
  • Tim’s areas of concerns and deficiency that he addresses through supplements and diet.
  • Dealing with recovery times and inflammation.
  • Avoiding overtraining and wrapping the mind around real fitness.
  • Sports massages and other ways of adapting and recovering your body.
  • And much more!


“It’s been a long road, a long interesting journey for me, but you know, I’ve learned a lot along the way and I think those three years away from football saved me as far as my diet.” — @Tim_Hightower [0:05:49.8]

“I’m just losing weight. I’m eating as much food as I can possibly eat and just losing weight..” — @Tim_Hightower [0:17:24.5]

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