On this week’s episode, we welcome Ryan Carroll, the founder of Prime Retreats. His company specializes in unique, natural, and healthy getaways for the discerning vacationer. We’ve all had the experience of going on holiday and feeling less than relaxed and revitalized. That’s where Ryan and his team come in, providing a supportive and immersive, but not overwhelming, space for you to unwind, exercise, commune, and rest amongst like-minded people. In our conversation, Ryan takes us through his background and how he ended up with his dream job, before detailing how Prime Retreats operates. We hear about the prospective clientele, the day-to-day activities, and the underlying ideology that informs the programs. Be sure to tune in and hear everything Ryan has to say on this fascinating topic!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of Ryan’s background and how he ended up in his current position.
  • Who Prime Retreats is marketed towards and its ideal clientele. 
  • Information on where the retreats take place and how many people attend.
  • What a typical day at these retreats looks like.
  • The underlying ideas that help Ryan come up with each retreat.
  • The dietary side of Prime Retreats and what makes up the menu.
  • The different retreats the company is currently hosting.
  • What Ryan has to say to anyone who is interested but a little scared.
  • How cellphone usage is managed on the retreats.
  • Information on the upcoming obstacle-course-themed retreat. 
  • Ryan’s interest in free diving and what the activity offers. 
  • Why Ryan still feels like his work is a dream job. 
  • And much more!


“That’s kind of how Prime Retreats developed—It was me trying to have an immersive health escape that was still a fun vacation.” — Ryan Carroll [0:04:45.7]

“There’s labels for everything, but as soon as you label, you get restricted really hard..” — Ryan Carrol [0:17:10.9]

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