Today we have the wonderful Elle Russ on the show to tell us all about her new book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution. Elle has worn many hats in her life, with writing, acting, and coaching making up the bulk of her current work. She has also been working with another PMR favorite for quite some time: Mark Sisson. Elle’s book is based partly on her own experiences and troubles with hypothyroidism and the journey of discovery on which she had to embark. It’s quite incredible how the thyroid gland, such an important and foundational aspect of our health, is still overlooked by so much of the medical profession. Two of the main reasons Elle struggled for so long with her condition were misdiagnosis and subsequent mistreatment. In our discussion, we cover all this history, as well as the lessons Elle has learned along the way. Elle gives us a great intro to her book and many helpful pieces of advice to treat this common and serious problem. Tune in to hear it all!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little of what Elle has been up to over the summer. 
  • The audiobook component of her publication that will be coming out soon.
  • Elle’s own experiences and years of struggle with hypothyroidism.
  • Misdiagnosis, mistreatment ,and why testing the thyroid should aways be step one.
  • How to go about testing the thyroid initially.
  • The free test guide that is available on Elle’s website.
  • Lifestyle measures that can help you in dealing with hypothyroidism.
  • The dietary side of managing an over- or under-active thyroid.
  • Thinking about a Keto diet in conjunction with any thyroid issues.
  • Correcting some of the myths around exercise with this condition.
  • Understanding the way in which hypothyroidism might remain an issue.
  • The disproportionate gender allocation of hypothyroidism. 
  • Some common misconceptions about dealing with this condition.
  • Information on the upcoming online course that Elle is offering.
  • And much more!


“I knew that they were hurting me, not helping me, and I just took my health into my own hands. So I accidentally became my own expert and kind of my own doctor.” — @_elleruss  [0:18:29.8]

“You go [to the thyroid] first. If nothing’s off there, you go to the tangential stuff.” — @_elleruss  [0:27:07.2]

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