This week, we highlight key points we’ve learned from speaking to some of the world’s best athletes. Although most of our listeners are not professional athletes, no matter where we are in our fitness journey we can all learn something from those who are the best in their fields and performing at the top of their industry. These athletes are exceptional performers who have reached the highest tier of success in their field. From them we can learn key strategies for prioritizing nutrition, health, recovery, and stress management—their bodies are where they work, after all! As health-minded individuals, we care about all this too, because we know that optimizing our health and fitness makes us more resilient and better at our other priorities. So if you are ready for a refresher from the world’s most successful athletes, be sure to tune in!

Guests From This Episode:

  • Gabriel Reece and Laird Hamilton
  • Brian MacKenzie
  • Tim Hightower
  • TJ Dillashaw
  • Aimee Rose
  • Jodie Esquibel 
  • Kelly Starrett 
  • Charles Poliquin


“I love the idea of training hard and keeping myself healthy but what I’ve come to terms with too is it’s this essential tool that helps me actually navigate the real life stuff.” — @LairdLife [0:06:31]

“When I have the concept of understanding this then I actually can use something in a way that’s going to contribute to what’s going on.” — @brianmackenzie [0:15:25]

“There’s nothing that anyone can tell me personally to convince me that foods are not important for us in our health and our overall wellbeing.” — @Tim_Hightower [0:17:39]

“Your biggest opponent is yourself.” — @TJDillashaw [0:28:50]

“I also love this concept of being both fight and flight. Right? So not only am I strong, I am fast, but I’m able to run for long periods of time.” — @strongaimeerose [0:30:50]

“Like anything, structural integrity is important when you’re looking at things from a competitive standpoint.” — @strongaimeerose [0:31:19]

“I made sure that I was tested on the male standards and not just the female standards and I think that was a big opportunity for everybody to respect me as a firefighter, not just as a female.” — @JodieEsquibel [0:36:47]

“The world is setting you up to sit on the subway. You know, we should be fighting for standing space on a subway, not sitting down as soon as we can.” — @mobilitywod [0:44:56]

“My goal today is to aggregate as much movement as I can, however I can.” — @mobilitywod [0:45:39]

“You’ve got to find something that you truly enjoy and there’s flow in what you do.” — @StrengthSensei [0:50:22]

“I think people have a deficiency of being outdoors.” — @StrengthSensei [0:52:36]

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