This week we speak with Rob Wilson, a coach with Power Speed Endurance, which is a programming, coaching, and educational platform for developing sports performance, fitness, and health. Their goal is to help athletes and anybody looking to improve their health and fitness through increased movement efficiency and better mechanics. One of the biggest elements of increased movement efficiency is breath, which includes oxygen and CO2 efficiency and optimizing your breathing during exercise, and that’s where Rob comes in. He has 15 years of experience in manual therapy, he co-owns CrossFit Virginia Beach with his wife, and he is also a member of the world-renowned MobilityWod staff under the direction of Dr. Kelly Starrett. In this episode, we get into the fundamentals of The Art of Breath seminar that Rob teaches and learn what you can gain from being more mindful about your breath. Tune in to hear it all.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Rob’s background and what has brought him to work with Power Speed Endurance.  
  • Defining manual therapy and Rob’s interest in human movement.
  • More about what Power Speed Endurance is and how it helps athletes.
  • A breakdown of the work that Rob is doing with Power Speed Endurance.
  • Creating a universal movement language for everyone.
  • Understanding the automatic relationship that your body has with movement. 
  • What The Art of Breath seminar is, what it covers, and some of the basic breathing concepts.
  • The three pillars of breath work: state, mechanics, and physiology.
  • Rob’s most basic advice to start improving your breath work: close your mouth!
  • How to prepare your breathing to run a 5K race.
  • Defining the feeling of “air hunger” versus lazy breathing.
  • Holotropic breathing, super ventilation techniques, and guided hyperventilation practices.
  • High-level techniques and ways to start being mindful of your breath.
  • UnScared: walking towards being uncomfortable and finding deep learning experiences, purposefully


“There’s always a revolving door of simplicity and complexity with anything.” — Rob Wilson [0:16:13.1]

“Continues new learning keeps you good at learning, and it is one of the things that is a hallmark of neurological health as we age.” — Rob Wilson [0:22:59.1]

“Simply put, the human body is self-regulating, but it’s not self-optimizing.” — Rob Wilson [0:31:31.1]

“Your body is constantly adjusting your respiration rate based on not just what is happening but what your brain predicts will happen.” — Rob Wilson [0:33:01.1]

“In my opinion, the most important component of aerobic efficiency is actually to become more tolerant of carbon dioxide.” — Rob Wilson [0:40:39.1]

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