Sleep affects everything in our lives, from our mood to our brain function to our physical performance. Yet we still get so little of it! It’s time we all get on board with better sleep, and this week’s chat with sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins gives us some tangible advice to help us do just that. Dr. Robbins is a post-doctoral fellow at the NYU School of Medicine, where she leads a funded study called “Tailored Approach to Sleep Health Education,” which develops materials to build awareness about sleep and sleep disorders in minority populations. Dr. Robbins is the coauthor of the book Sleep For Success. She’s also the official sleep consultant at the Benjamin Hotel in New York City, which has developed a full sleep program for guests, including a pillow menu. We’re getting some sleeping tips from the best in this week’s episode, so listen in!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. Robbins’ decision to focus on sleep for her work.
  • The reversal of the negative effects of sleep deprivation.
  • Learning to fall in love with sleep and put it high on your priority list.
  • Dr. Robbins’ sleep study at The Benjamin Hotel in New York.
  • Create a space to invite sleep and give the most benefit.
  • Choosing the ideal pillow for you depending on your sleeper type.
  • Helping people realize that we don’t have to push back on sleep.
  • What can help you sleep better as a shift worker.
  • Connecting with what really matters to people.
  • Why consistent bed times are critical.
  • Approaching sleep in a positive way.
  • And much more!  


“To help people really fall in love with sleep and put it a little bit higher on their priority list.” — @rebeccasrobbins [0:07:45.1]

“The bed itself is the foundation to your sleep at night.” — @rebeccasrobbins [0:15:36.1]

“Elevating motivation and helping people realize that we don’t have to push back on sleep.” — @rebeccasrobbins [0:21:14.1]

“Find a bed time and stick to it, and then you are able to fall asleep faster, get higher quality more efficient sleep and wake up more refreshed.” — @rebeccasrobbins [0:32:31.1]

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