This week, we welcome Marni Wasserman, the host of the Ultimate Health Podcast. Marni is a chef and a nutrition expert, and she’s here to tell us about how she transitioned from being a strict vegetarian to adopting a plant-based Paleo approach. We chat about the books Marni has written about food, fermenting, and plant-based diets and what inspired her to start a podcast. She tells us about how she started at her parents’ home and then moved her kitchen to a beautiful dedicated space in Toronto before moving into the online realm with her current services. She gives us great insight into what inspired her alterations to her vegetarian diet and what her day-to-day cooking routine consists of. Marni unpacks her ongoing struggles with Hashimoto’s and how this informs what she does both personally and professionally. For all this and more, listen in!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of Marni’s background and what she currently focussed on.
  • Her inspiration for starting the Ultimate Health Podcast
  • The general goals for and topics that are covered on the podcast.
  • Touch points for the podcast community within the huge health and wellness field.
  • The physical kitchen space Marni had in midtown Toronto. 
  • Marni’s transition out of being vegetarian into her own brand of Paleo.
  • Support from family, friends, and community in transitioning between diets.  
  • A typical day in the kitchen with Marni!
  • Marni’s motto, “simple and delicious,” and cooking quick, tasty food.
  • How Marni dug deeper into her own health problems and learned some things.
  • The lifestyle and dietary changes that Marni made to combat Hashimoto’s. 
  • The role of fermented foods in Marni’s healthy approach.
  • Some exciting things on the horizon for Marni. 
  • And much more! 


“My whole world was wrapped up in that message and teaching and educating people on how eating more plants was the way to go.” — @marniwasserman [0:05:27.9]

“We really allow people to draw their own conclusions. It is open-ended, but we find that it’s been working really well for us because it covers so many different topics.” — @marniwasserman [0:09:19.4]

“When I was younger, I always had this desire to be vegetarian, there was something very sexy about it to me. To me, it always seemed like my calling in life.” — @marniwasserman [0:15:03.2]

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