This week, we welcome the founder of humanOS, Dan Pardi, to talk about sleep, GHB, and his company. Dan is a committed student of the human body and mind. With humanOS, he has built a platform for people to improve their health habits and learn how their body responds to the world around them. We chat about humanOS and what makes it different from the array of other apps that claim to do something similar. Dan explains why he thinks it is important for all of us to understand the health concepts with which we are engaging and to what extent. From there, we change gears a bit, and Dan gives us some insight into the history of the drug GHB and its current status before we discuss sleep and sleep deprivation. For a great chat with a generous, knowledgable guest, be sure to tune in.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of the differences between being a host and a guest on a podcast.
  • An introduction to Dan and his work prior to and with humanOS.
  • An overview of what humanOS provides.
  • What Dan thinks sets humanOS apart from other health-focused apps.
  • The model that humanOS offers users. 
  • The micro-courses available through humanOS.
  • Optimum levels of understanding of this kind of information. 
  • Understanding the drug GHB and some of its history.
  • Abuse of GHB and how people have typically used the drug.
  • The complicated legal battle and opposing side of the GHB debate.
  • What it would mean if GHB’s scheduling was lifted. 
  • The effects of sleep deprivation on decision making. 
  • How people with difficult and stressful work hours can minimize the negative effects.
  • Chrono-nutitrion and the healthy timing of eating.
  • And much more! 


“We aim to try to help make you smarter about things that can help you, smarter about yourself, and better at putting it all into practice.” — @humanOS_me [0:16:58.9]

“You’re much more likely to continue something that’s good for you if you understand it.” — @humanOS_me [0:27:49.6]

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