This week we are joined by Jeff Chilton from Nammex to tell us all about the benefits we can get from incorporating more mushrooms into our diet. Jeff started Nammex in the 1980s, and he’s been growing and supplying mushrooms and supplements ever since. You might be forgiven for thinking that mushrooms’ status as a superfood is a brand new phenomenon, but people like Jeff have been preaching their health uses for decades. In this conversation, we look at some basic cultivation and nutritional info, and we talk about how became fascinated and involved with them so many years ago. We also get the low down from Jeff on simple ways to cook mushrooms correctly and which types are good for certain things. We hear about the extraction process, amounts for intake, tolerance, and much more, so be sure to join us for this amazing chat with an industry expert!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why mushroom’s were called a poor person’s meat.
  • Jeff’s advice for how to cook any mushroom.
  • The recent surge in western consumption of mushrooms.
  • Hype and exaggeration in the promotion of chaga mushrooms.  
  • The business model at Nammex.
  • Comparing the benefits of dried and fresh mushrooms. 
  • Some information on the fungus organism itself and nutritious facts.
  • What to look out for on the label of so-called mushroom products.
  • Nammex’s nutrition extraction process.
  • The amounts of mushroom needed for noticeable positive effects.
  • Does the body build up a tolerance to these benefits?
  • Considering mushrooms’ position as an adaptogen.
  • Which mushrooms to start adding to your diet today.
  • Nammex’s most popular mushrooms.
  • And much more


“That’s what we do, we grow our mushrooms and we process our mushrooms into extract powders, in China before we bring them over.” — @Real_Mushrooms [0:19:39.9]

“What they don’t tell you is that actually, there’s no mushroom in there at all, it’s actually just mycelium that’s been grown on grain.” — @Real_Mushrooms [0:28:29.8]

“So with an extract, the idea is that you are getting more, all of the benefits of that mushroom that has been put into a smaller volume of material.” — @Real_Mushrooms [0:42:24.4]

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