This week’s guest is Kyle Kingsbury, Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. Kyle is a former competitive UFC fighter and now spends his time learning and teaching others about better ways to live their lives! In our conversation, we cover a lot of ground, including Kyle’s role at Onnit and his relationship with CEO Aubrey Marcus, his daily workouts and morning routine, mindfulness, being human and vulnerable, and much, much more.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kyle’s job and what it means to be a Director of Human Optimization.  
  • How Kyle came to his current philosophy and professional position. 
  • Comparing Kyle’s current workout regime with older modes. 
  • A little about Onnit’s upcoming mastermind, Fit for Service. 
  • The importance of mindfulness in not overdoing any exercises. 
  • Fitting a healthy and balanced amount of routines into a daily schedule.  
  • Reaching an audience that typically does not seek out these kinds of challenges. 
  • The demographics that Kyle comes across in his work 
  • Differences between “elder” and “older.” 
  • Expressing vulnerability and being human. 
  • Consciously thinking about the types of media you engage with.  
  • Some of Kyle’s ideas about his social media usage. 
  • Accessing flow states through mindfulness and conscious exercises. 
  • A specific instance where Kyle used his practices to deal with stress. 
  • Kyle’s morning routine.
  • The effect that having a kid has had on Kyle’s life. 
  • Fasting, increased bandwidth, and finding time to fit it all in. 
  • And much more!  


“What I’m trying to do is learn as many things that help move the bar on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual side of the equation as I can.” — @Kingsbu [0:04:36.8]

“It varies greatly between what I’m doing day to day. I might only lift hard once or twice a week.” — @Kingsbu [0:08:27.3]

“The idea behind that is how we can become the very best version of ourselves in order to serve not only ourselves but our families and people closest to us, our community, and all those in the world.” — @Kingsbu [0:14:14.9]

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