This week’s guest is the adventurous Stephen Le, author of 100 Years of Food. This conversation is jam-packed with incredible anecdotes from Stephen’s many travels to foreign countries, including the most memorable meals he has had. Stephen tells us all about hitchhiking through Malaysia, blending in with the locals, eating insects and fermented shark, and about the chili-loving dogs in Mexico. We get serious about the dangers of eating too much of the same vegetable, how the agricultural revolution affected our nutrition, and what we can do today to combat obesity. Stephen shares what he has learned about the impact of different climates on our health, including what he has discovered about the complicated balance between too little and too much sun exposure. He gives us helpful information about knowing how much sunlight each skin type requires, why we might need more parasites around, and why our red meat intake should increase as we get older. Tune in to hear this exhilarating conversation!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The great bone broth from our sponsor, Bonafide Provisions.
  • More about Stephen’s book 100 Million Years of Food.
  • How he relies on locals to help him navigate new places.
  • Why there has been a decline in trust since WW2.
  • Stephen’s most memorable meal ever.
  • Insects as a great source of omega-3.
  • The health benefits of spicy food.
  • Why eating vegetables can be problematic.
  • How the agricultural revolution had a negative impact on nutrition.
  • Why beavers make for great meals.
  • The importance of regular movement in combatting weight gain.
  • The places in the world where people live the longest.
  • What to do if you live in a place with little sunlight.
  • Why some people are predisposed to gaining weight from starch.
  • How we could be needing more parasites.
  • Why our red meat intake should increase as we age.


“Spiciness helps to eliminate or reduce the bacterial load in our food.” — @100millionyears

“Plants can’t move away from potential predators, and so what they do, they produce all sorts of toxins.” — @100millionyears [0:19:03.0]

“If we don’t move around enough during the day, then we end up reducing our life span.” — @100millionyears [0:31:22.0]

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