Today on the show we are joined by Erwan Le Corre, the founder of MovNat! Erwan has been developing and perfecting his ideas and practices around natural movement for twelve years, which has culminated in the publishing of his mammoth new book, The Practice of Natural Movement. He is here to tell us all about his health and exercise philosophy, pull out some concepts from the book, and get you excited to go run in the woods. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The impetus of The Practice of Natural Movement.  
  • What the process of writing it was like after many years of preparation.
  • The contents of the 200 pages that were cut from the final edition.  
  • Understanding the principles of natural movement.
  • Gauging our movement’s efficiency.
  • Erwan’s work with MMA fighters and the overlap of techniques.  
  • Adaptability and the ever-changing natural environment.  
  • Customizing your practice according to your natural and unnatural surroundings. 
  • The truth and value of child’s play and movement. 
  • How parents can explore and encourage natural movement with their kids.  
  • The mental and mindful part of natural movement. 
  • Confronting limitation and the path to unconscious competence. 
  • And much more! 


“There is no fluff in the book. Every piece of information, every little detail, is again practical, it’s really there to help you move better and put that into practice.” — @ErwanLeCorre [0:09:32.4]

“As much as you can and you should have lots of fun, finally allowing yourself to do these movements and have lots of fun in the process but it is also real practice and real practice means also commitment.” — @ErwanLeCorre [0:41:51.9]

“Natural movement is the forerunner of any other physical activity, sport, or discipline. There would be no yoga or tai chi without natural movement. There would be no American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, or any sport without natural movement.” — @ErwanLeCorre [1:00:18.7]

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