This week, we’re joined by Adam and Vanessa from Bee the Wellness. This couple and their company host a number of annual retreats packed with health, nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness exercises. In our conversation, Adam and Vanessa give us some context for their work and the company, how they balance their time, and what clients can expect from them. We also spend some time discussing how they manage their relationship while spending copious amounts of time together. They offer great insights into how their complimentary styles and strengths work in tandem and how they get around the more difficult areas. Bee the Wellness is offering $100 off off any of their retreats if you use the code “paleomag”, so make sure to have a little look around their website and see if any thing tickles your fancy! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some background on Vanessa, Adam, and Bee the Wellness 
  • Gearing your lifestyle towards continual, day-to-day fitness 
  • Bee the Wellness’ current retreat schedule
  • Reasons certain clients keep coming back to the retreats
  • The planned nature of the retreats and what to expect 
  • Adam and Vanessa’s planning process and the lessons they have learned
  • How Vanessa and Adam manage their personal and professional relationship
  • Complimentary traits in a partnership and relationship
  • The plethora of different focusses that Bee the Wellness retreats have
  • How Adam and Vanessa come up with the locations of their trips 
  • Some of Bee the Wellness’s typical clientele and who gravitates towards what
  • A career in transformative traveling and the experience of service and giving
  • Mindfulness and staying present on these retreats
  • Some of the upcoming events that Adam and Vanessa are looking forward to
  • And much more!  


“We are focused on three areas of life—body, mind, and experience— and we attack that stuff through online distance coaching and incredible, awesome retreats and events.” — @BeeTheWellness [0:04:31.3]

“We always encourage people, put something back on the map, put something back in the future that you can get excited about again because we know that’s how we work as people..” — @BeeTheWellness [0:08:06.8]

“We offer people on opportunity to just set down that side of themselves and just completely be present to what’s there. They end up having the much deeper experience.” — @BeeTheWellness [0:15:55.4]

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