Andy Hnilo is a great friend of ours. He has an amazing and awe-inspiring story, which we fully unpacked the first time he was on the podcast, in episode 177. This week, we’re getting some updates from Andy on what he’s been up to, some of his most recent health experiments, and how things are going with his booming skin care company. We talk about the value of adversity and struggle and how these experiences can enrich and broaden our enjoyment of life. Andy takes us, in detail, through his recent use of frog venom to shock and purge the body, something he now swears by. He also talks fasting, supplements, workouts, and how his practices keep evolving. Alitura Naturals are offering free shipping and 20% off purchases from their website—just go to and use the code “paleoradio”!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The elevator speech of Andy’s history, his accident, and what he does. 
  • The positive legacy of Andy’s accident and the longterm health effects.  
  • Peaks and valleys; sweetening the highs with adversity. 
  • Andy’s recent health practices using frog venom. 
  • How soaking up toxins can help your body and improve your mental health. 
  • Some basic rules and safety tips for kambo usage. 
  • Why do some people seek out harsh, purging experiences?
  • Andy’s intermittent fasting practices and how they help him.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplementation and Andy’s daily regimen.
  • Andy’s daily workout, fitness, and sauna practices.
  • A few updates on Alitura Naturals and some of their current most popular products. 
  • Healthy, preservative-free products that are good for all of our skin. 
  • The shelf life and hygienic usage of Alitura’s products.  
  • And much more! 


“I was told that I would never work again, and I came back and I worked a lot more than I ever did before the accident.” — @andyhnilo [0:09:50.4]

“If you get too comfortable and too complacent with your situation, I mean, it’s time to shake things up and challenge yourself.” — @andyhnilo [0:14:57.3]

“I would never just bring products out just to have them on the roster. They have to be special creation by me.” — @andyhnilo [1:03:31.9]

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